Common Reasons for a Tooth Filling

Many people need a tooth filling or two from their dentist every year. It’s a common procedure that stops decay in a tooth and hopefully prevents further damages.  Fillings are used for tooth restorative purposes when decay occurs. The filling is the first step used before a root canal, although in severe situations, the latter service may be necessary. It’s important that you schedule regular appointments with the family dentistry pico rivera office to ensure that you do not sustain tooth problems that cannot be treated with a filling.

Most people experience toothaches when there is damage to the tooth severe enough for a filling. The tooth pain can really put a damper on the day and make it difficult to get any type of comfort or peace of mind. The severe pain is the result of the cavities in the teeth and may be worsened by hot or cold foods and drinks. Sweets can also aggravate tooth pain.

While the toothache is the most common and most obvious sign of trouble, there are many other signs that also suggest a problem with your teeth that need a potential filling. These signs include:

·    Tooth wear and tear

·    Holes in teeth

·    Dark spots on the teeth

·    Cavities

·    Lost fillings

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·    Broken teeth

·    Chipped teeth

There are so many signs that suggest you need a filling in your tooth, including those above.  This is not a complete list of the signs of tooth trouble, however. It is important to get the proper dental care that you need to prevent these issues and so many others that ruin your smile. Make sure you visit the dentist on a regular basis to reduce the risks of cavities in your teeth. Your beautiful smile depends on this!