What are the Different Types of Braces?

Braces are used to correct misalignment issues in children and adults, but it is more popular for adults. The oral appliance corrects problems with the teeth and mouth in a period of about two years. Issues such as gaps in the teeth, crooked teeth, and misaligned teeth are resolved with a visit to the orthodontist broomfield co and the use of braces.

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There are a few different types of braces to choose from to provide your oral health benefits. This includes:

Metal braces are the least expensive type of braces available today. These braces have been around forever and use a thin wire with rubber brands to push the teeth forward with pressure. Many people dislike metal braces because they’re quite visible to see and can sometimes cause embarrassment.

Ceramic braces blend with the natural color of the teeth but are similar to metal braces. They are costlier, but the less noticeability is important. Some people use clear bands, some use white ties; it is your decision. The disadvantage to note about these braces is their acclimation to staining.

Invisible braces are sometimes called Invisalign. They’re preferred by most patients because they have some pretty incredible benefits, the biggest being that they are clear so no one can see them. They cause little embarrassment and correct oral dental needs faster than the other braces options. You can even remove them when eating to minimize decaying your teeth. These advantages cause Invisible braces to be the most expensive of the options.

Lingual braces are another choice for braces wearers. These customized braces are placed behind the teeth so they are not within plain sight. Costlier than metal and ceramic braces, they’re still less pricey compared to the invisible braces. People with small teeth may be unable to use the lingual braces.

An orthodontic consultation is the first step in learning more about the different types of braces and which is best for your needs. He’ll help you learn more about the options, talk about pricing, etc. Braces can change the way that you smile forever. Don’t wait to consult with the orthodontist!